My name is Atal Phatak and Welcome to my blog!!

First of all I am glad that you made it to this page on my blog and like to know something about me.

I am currently working as an IT professional in Pune and have been trading in Equities and commodities since more than 7 years now. I have had my own share of success and failure with trading and after so many years I can only say that there are a few things I know about Equity and Commodity trading.Since my school days, I always had a flair for writing and also took up Editor role for some articles during my college days. Oh yes , I am an Electrical Engineer by the way and I did my graduation from Nagpur University.

The idea of this blog came in when most of my friends and colleagues started asking me about How do I trade in equities, commodities? From where did I learn the basics? How did I started and lot more. I decided to share my knowledge and experiences through a blog dedicated to stuff related to trading and finance.My idea is to provide some basic knowledge to beginners and people who are about to begin their journey in equity/ commodity trading.I want this to be lucid and interactive wherein everyone can post their views, queries or suggestions. Hope you like some of my articles and follow my blog. And if you have not started trading/ investing in equities or commodities it’s time you get started.

Good luck !

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