Equity Futures explained

A lot of you must be aware about the simple concepts of equity trading like buying and selling shares. So if you want to buy shares of any company you need to pay the complete amount and buy the shares. For example I will consider PNB(Punjab National bank) in this article to explain further. So … Continue reading Equity Futures explained

Equity futures vs Commodity trading

As a first time trader, both equities and commodities would be equally overwhelming for you and you might not even understand the actual pros and cons of both the options. However as you gain some knowledge and experience, especially about equity futures you would also come to know about commodity futures and would like to … Continue reading Equity futures vs Commodity trading

Getting Started with Equity Trading

  Over the past few days, we have seen Nifty hovering near its all time highs of about 8950-9000 levels.And many of us are yet to make our first step towards trading or investing in the Indian stock market.Today we will see how to make that first trade in the stock market to learn the … Continue reading Getting Started with Equity Trading